Phoenix Homecare

Phoenix Homecare Norfolk has a desire and passion to specialise in Palliative Care. We feel very strongly that everyone deserves dignity and respect at end of life. Everyone should also have the choice to remain in their own home and receive the level of care and support to allow this.

Phoenix Homecare Norfolk aims to work closely alongside Health Professional caring for terminally ill patients in their own homes. Phoenix Homecare would provide non medical care and support to the Service User and their families.

What inspires us most about this area of specialist work is the patients and families, who we would be privileged to provide care and support for. We work closely with the family and the Service User, and sometimes just for them to have a caring face to listen to their worries and concerns is all that’s needed to support them to prepare for what lies ahead.

Some may say it must be a very upsetting area of care to specialise in. Phoenix Homecare feels this area of specialism is not so much upsetting, as very rewarding when you can provide support to a family who are often both emotionally and physically drained and care, dignity and respect to a Service User who has the desire to be at home surrounded by their loved ones.

Our carers can provide a shopping service for the Services Users usually at the nearest retail outlet within the Practical Support service. The carers will assist with the Service User or compile the shopping list on their behalf, then complete the shopping task.

Our carers can also accompany the Service Users if they wish on shopping trips as outlined in the Social Interaction.

Assistance with online shopping can be provided if desired.

  • Assistance with washing
  • Dressing, undressing and changing clothing
  • Bathing, showering and bed bathing
  • Assistance with getting up and going to bed
  • Moving in bed, including turning
  • Assistance with mobility with the home or transferring (e.g. bed to chair)
  • Assistance with continence management
  • Assistance with tolieting needs
  • Emptying commodes
  • Assistance in the management of prescribed medication (including monitoring or reminding)
  • Assistance with prosthesis
  • Hair care, shaving, oral hygiene and other types of personal hygiene
  • Assistance with eating/drinking
  • Eye drops

Our carer will accompany and offer support to the Service User on Social Outings to places of interest to the Service User or to organised meeting groups. The carers own car can be used as means of transport. Taxi's and public transport can be used if Service User wishes. The social activities that the carer will accompany the Service Users to, is completely at the Service Users choice. Carers if required will work together with the Service User or their Representivesto design an activity plan to meet the Service Users requirements.

  • Shopping trips
  • Social Places of Interest
  • Theatres and Cinema
  • Organised Community Meetings/Gathering Groups
  • Walks

Waking Night Sit

During a night sitting service (in the Service Users own home) our carer will remain awake in order to attend the Service User throughout a specified period of the night. Our carer will observe and monitor the Service User and remain alert to any disturbances and activities and be readily available to the Service User in order to provide assistance. Our carer will also undertake any light duties that the Service User may require during the sit i.e.ironing, or preparing the following days meals.

Sleeping Night Sit

During this night sitting service our carer will be available within the property should the Service User require assistance.

  • General Housework Duties
  • Washing up
  • Lighting fires and assisting with the maintenance of warmth (switching heaters on and off; monitoring temperatures)
  • Making and changing beds
  • Taking washing to the launderette
  • Washing clothes/soiled linen (machine in Service Users own home)
  • Ironing
  • Hygiene cleaning
  • Reasonable care of pets and guide dogs

Please note that Phoenix Homecare (Norfolk) operate strict Health and Safety procedures and our carers will not undertake tasks which compromise these rules and put themselves or the Service User at risk (ie moving furniture, climbing ladders etc.).

  • Preparing and/or cooking meals and light snacks
  • Making drinks
  • Assistance with household administration, paying bills, completing forms, recording keeping
  • Collecting pensions and benefits
  • Ordering and collecting prescriptions
  • Shopping (which is normally carried out at the nearest available retail outlet)
  • Assistance with letter writing
  • Reading correspondence to/for Service Users
  • Making or assisting the Service User to make telephone calls
  • Encourage the basic skills of daily living
  • Encourage social skills
  • Sitting with Service Users for company
  • Brief visits to befriend and alleviate isolation
  • Monitoring Service Users and/or main carers well-being
  • Liaising with family and friends