Phoenix Homecare

Our Aims

Treat everyone we provide a service to in a fair and respectful manner irrespective of age, disability, gender, language, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, social class or religion.

Enable people to live as safely and independently as possible in their own homes and to provide support for their carers and family to help them achieve this aim for as long as they wish or is possible to do so.

Provide Service User focused service tailored to the specific care needs, wishes and preferences of each individual Service User. With their outcomes being at the forefront of the service.

Ensure a high quality, consistently reliable and flexible service which promotes good practice.

Protect the health, safety and welfare of our Service Users and carers by promoting and reviewing our comprehensive policies and procedures that cover all aspects of the services we provide.

Joint working together with families, statutory and voluntary agencies in supporting our Service Users and assisting them to achieve their potential and maximise their independence.

Provide care and support to our staff by recognising their abilities and providing ongoing personal development and training to ensure a qualified and competent work force. Together with regular supervision and annual appraisals this ensures that our high standards of service are maintained.

Achieve a high quality service by regular monitoring of standards to ensure that the service is delivered and organised in the best interests of the Service User.

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